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Fencing Accessories

Fencing Accessories - Clamps

Our clamps are hot dipped galvanised to comply with Australian Standards.
They are the highest standard on the market, providing you with a strong reliable join in your fence panels and to your braces. Strength is important in order to avoid costly damage when a fence blows over in the strong WA winds.
Our clamps are made for 32mm OD pipe at 71mm centres.

Fencing Accessories - Braces

Braces provide extra stability to our temporary fence when installed in areas where wind loading may be a factor.
Braces are attached to our fence using 2 clamps and must be supported with at least 2 of our concrete filled plastic feet.
Made from durable hot dipped galvanised 32mm OD steel, our braces meet the Australian Standards AS 4687.

Fencing Accessories - Star Pickets

Star Pickets
Star pickets are a great way to support various types of wire or wire mesh. Our star pickets are available in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, and 2400mm lengths.
All star pickets weigh 1.9 kg per mtr and we have both the Galvanised or Black tar dipped options available.

Retaining Wall Temporary Fencing

Retaining Wall Clamps
Retaining wall clamps offer a safe and sturdy safety rail solution. We are the only company in WA that offer this product. Our clamps are custom made to fit over a 350mm wide retaining wall (most retaining walls are built from 350mm x 1000mm limestone blocks). These clamps are made to support our standard temporary fence panels or our 1300mm high wire mesh panels and is perfect for residential or commercial construction sites.

Fencing Accessories - Hinges

To turn our temporary fencing panels into swinging gates, get our easy to use and easy to install hinges. Made for 32mm OD pipe at 71mm centres, our hinges are hot dipped galvanised to comply with Australian Standards.

Fencing Accessories - Shadecloth

Our classic shade cloth offers a greater visual barrier than its counterparts and you can never go wrong with the dust shade cloth option.
Depending on the level of protection you’re after, our shade cloth come in 3 different grades – 50%, 70%, and 90% block. Our shade cloth is available in a range of colours including black, blue, green, beige and white.

Fencing Accessories - Safety Signs

Safety Signage
At All Fence U Rent, we take safety seriously. Ask us about our range of safety signs available for hire or purchase. Avoid costly fines by displaying the appropriate warnings on your construction or housing site.